Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yee King, Sussex Street

A beautiful day in the city today, so naturally I decided to go to spend a couple of hours indoors, at the cinema. However, Essex wasn't really in the mood for any of the films on offer so we had a bit of a wander and ended up in The Civic, on Pitt Street. The TimeOut Bar Guide recommends it as the "prettiest" pub in the city... It was OK, hardly viewing pleasure though really. Just a pub. Still, good selection of beers on tap (I had Coopers, $5.50), and Essex had no complaints about her Vodka, Lime & Soda ($7.50). Unfortunately, the lounge bar upstairs was shut on Sunday afternoon. I might go back if I'm in the area but I probably won't make an effort to seek it out again.

As Essex and I wandered down to Chinatown, following my cravings, we realised the Chinese New Year parade was going through the city today. Unfortunately, that meant that every restaurant in the area was absolutely packed.

We were on the verge of giving up when we spotted Yee King Noodles, one of the few restaurants without a queue outside... Not a good sign, I thought. Nevertheless, in we went and were seated promptly by the friendly, if very busy, staff, and we brought colourful menus with pictures of many of the dishes, as well as a pot of delicious (complimentary) jasmine tea. Before long, to my relief, a queue quickly built up at the door - we'd pretty much nabbed the last table. We were just lucky I suppose!

Essex, being indecisive as ever, told me to choose what to order, as we had decided to get a few small plates to share. Despite how busy it was, our food was brought to our table quickly enough, no more the 15 minutes after ordering.

Boiled Chive Pork Dumplings, 12 for $8.80

First to arrive were these pork dumplings, which were OK. I wouldn't be surprised if they were frozen since the stuffing was packed into such a perfect little ball, but I can't really say for certain. The flavour was relatively generic. It's a pork dumpling, much the same as you'd get from any number of Chinese restaurants in the area. It wasn't bad, and they were cheap.

 Vegetable Spring Rolls, 6 for $4.80

 The spring rolls were a little disappointing. I didn't think there was enough filling, and the sweet chilli sauce accompaniment tasted very cheap - far too sweet with no spice at all, undoubtedly not made on the premises. But then, I'm not sure I'd expect it to be.


Pan-Fried Dumplings, 12 for $8.80

The second plate of dumplings were much like the first. Not bad, not great. Just OK. Good Value, again. I think it was probably beef in the dumpling, with diced onion and a little chilli. I much prefered these to the Pork Dumplings however, with a better depth of flavour - whereas the Chive Pork Dumpling was just that - the chive, the pork... then the soy & black vinegar coming through.

Overall, Yee King isn't too bad but it doesn't stand out amongst the dozens of other Chinese restaurants in the area. Considering we paid less than $15/head including a soft drink each, I was satisfied with the food, and the service was surprisingly good considering how busy they were - as soon as we wanted attention, we got it, and not before. However, I doubt I'll go back considering amongst the wide range of similar restaurants I have yet to try, I'm sure I'll find a standout leader - hopefully, Yee King isn't it.

After standing to watch the CNY parade outside the restaurant, we got bored of waiting and wandered up to Darling Harbour, hoping to find a nice Gelato place somewhere along the way. We first came to Gelatissimo, but skipped it in favour of an independent. Next up was Cold Rock - I've heard good things about this place, but Essex and I continued in search of a local Gelato place to support. I'd like to say we came all the way back to Newtown to go to Gelatomassi, but I'd be lying. We got to Darling Harbour and went into a branch of Gelatissimo. How dissapointing, having tasted the delights of Gelatomassi half a dozen times before. I chose Blood Orange and Passion Fruit, while Essex opted for White Chocolate and Strawberry.


The Blood Orange wasn't too bad, but the Passionfruit was very dissappointing, and Essex' were both quite fake-tasting... none of the four flavours were anywhere close to as good as Gelatomassi. I definitely won't be returning to any Gelatissimo store soon; I will be back at Gelatomassi next time I'm on King Street.

Civic Hotel                                                      
388 Pitt Street (Cnr Goulburn)                          
Sydney 2000                                                    
(02) 8080 7000                                                

 Yee King Noodles
 408 Sussex Street
 Sydney 2000
 (02) 9211 1138

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  1. hehe gelatomassi is my fav too! pistachio there is by far the best ive had in sydney

  2. Ooh, not tried the pistachio, yet! I think the lychee is great but my fave so far was the passionfruit. Or Hazelnut. Or Mango...

  3. At least you can now appreciate Gelatomassi even more ;) I myself, love Ice+Slice :) The pan-fried dumplings look quite good pity about the so-so taste, at least it was good value!


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