Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gelatomassi, King Street, Newtown

Following my disastrous visit to Burger Fuel on King Street, I stopped into Gelatomassi, one of the best Gelato places in Sydney and winner of the Best Ice Cream and Gelato in SMH's Foodies' Guide to Sydney 2007.

This time I tried the Pannacotta flavour, labelled as Gelatomassi's signature flavour. It was stunning; a beautiful balance of sweet and creamy, and so magnificently smooth, since it had been freshly made. It was drizzled with a great sticky butterscotch sauce which complemented the flavour perfectly, although I must admit I felt a little sick by the end of my one scoop ($4.50). However, I reckon that's more to do with my lactose intolerance rather than the gelato!
As a foodie, and as a chef, it can really suck being lactose intolerant, but there are some sacrifices I have to make - I'm not going to avoid so many of my favourite foods just because I feel sick afterwards!

I've been to Gelatomassi several times, and I'm certain I'll be back again and again - I've never found a fault with the food or the service. I love every flavour I've tried, the staff are so friendly and attentive, yet it's so laid back. Today Mr. Gelatomassi himself was there, despite being in his mid-70s, and hearing the rapid Italian banter flowing behind the counter brought a real feel of authenticity to the experience, as if I was suddenly in Sicily.

Top Right; Pannacotta with Butterscotch Sauce

262 King Street,
Sydney 2042
(02) 9516 0655

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  1. Above and beyond the call of duty huh? I salute your dedication to food :) Pity about that burger place, $22 is a bit too steep for a burger and fries! I love Newtown, used to live round the corner from King St (abt 10 years ago), I loved the vibe there.

  2. Haha, thanks! I'd happily feel sick for an hour a day if it meant tasting Gelatomassi gelato once a day!

    I love Newtown too, it's so different from anywhere else (that I know of) in Sydney - quite a Melbourne-y feel to it I think.

  3. have you tried Dolce & Gelato down the road. I enjoy their gelato as well. :-) also in darlinhurst it has to be Gelato Messina

  4. No not yet; If I can tear myself away from Gelatomassi then I will try Dolce & Gelato, I've heard good things about it. Also Ice & Slice is supposed to be OK. Maybe I'll just spend all day one weekend touring the city, tasting Gelato. Awesome.


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