Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cuzco, Peru : Quails Eggs

Outside of the huge market in central Cuzco, I met this street vendor, selling hard boiled quail's eggs for around 50c for six. It was, for me, a very wierd sight to see a local with three quails in a cage, a box of raw eggs and a box of still-warm, hard boiled, peeled eggs. They were served in a paper back with plenty of sea salt and were absolutely delicious.

Inside the market, I was amazed by the variety and quantity of.... pretty much everything. It's incredibly rare to find a market as good as this back home in England; I wandered the aisles of the market here in Cuzco for over an hour, longing for a time when markets like this were the norm, rather than pre-packaged fruit & vegetables in the supermarket.

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