Sunday, 28 February 2010

Burger Fuel, King Street, Newtown

Disclaimer: I apologise for the quality of the photos, I am currently camera-less so I've had to use a video camera and take snapshots of the film.

I'd been craving a good, meaty burger for a fair few days now and I wasn't really keen on going to Hungry Jack's. Having heard mixed reviews I thought I'd give Burger Fuel a go but I was sorely disappointed.

I arrived at 12.30 to find a typical burger bar, complete with requisite sticky tables, slightly too-loud music and extreme sports on the TVs. I ordered (according to the menu) a 1/3 lb Wagyu beef burger with Melted Swiss Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Sour Cream, Relish and Aioli ($14.90), Small Spud Fries ($3), Fresh Natural Aioli ($0.50), and a Diet Coke. In total it came to nearly $22 for a burger and chips. Hardly cheap.

The chips, served in an "award-winning eco-friendly carton", were pretty bad. On the plus side, they were hot when they arrived but they were neither crispy on the outside nor fluffy in the middle, in fact they were very dry and floury inside.

The Burger was also very poor. The bun was a low-quality and dry; the caramelised onion was not caramelised onion. It was chopped onion, mixed with a sweet, preservative-laden sauce. Seriously bad. The meat was terrible quality, especially considering it was labeled as Wagyu on the menu. It was cheap, processed meat, with little flavour or texture and it was served lukewarm, topped with cold cheese and sauces. The cheese was thick sliced and also processed, although the tomato relish was fairly good, a nice balance of sweet and sharp. I'd ordered Aioli on the side, and while the flavour was OK, it was too thick for my taste, and judging by everything else I'd assume it was bought-in and pre-packed, despite it being so easy to make great, simple aioli. The highlight, I think, was the Diet Coke. To be fair, it did come in a glass bottle.

Burger Fuel
172 King St, Newtown,
Sydney 2042
(02) 9519 4700

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  1. Awww....maybe you should have gone to Hungry Jacks after all? The packaging for the chips looks pretty cool though.....

  2. Ah I hate buying expensive and crappy burgers and chips! Definitely noted as a not to visit kinda place!

  3. hehe the highlight was the diet coke. oh dear. i've seen this place but haven't had the need to try it. sounds like they need to get their act together. :-) hope you get a camera soon but your doing a good job with the video camera. you could even take a video of you eating? :-)

  4. I've been there many times and never had an issue with them

  5. Interesting, I've been twice now and none of your complaints seemed to apply. Chips were crisp and fluffy, bun was definitely better than average, and the meat was quite good. Maybe try one of the normal ones instead of the Wagyu burger?


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