Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bolivian Sushi

No, it's not some new style of Sushi from the depths of South America. Sorry. I just had some great sushi in La Paz.

 My entree came with a side dish... Am I a glutton?

Kiwi, Essex and I headed to Thai Old Town, a pan-Asian restaurant just across from our hostel in central La Paz. The food was excellent; I had an enormous 18-piece sushi platter to start, followed by delicious teriyaki mixed seafood with jasmine rice and miso soup.

The following day while I was out exploring the city, a few friends of mine shared this ludicrously large pizza, and generously saved me the empty box. Thanks guys. Still, I reckon the size alone deserves pictoral recording on this blog.

36" Pizza, anyone?

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  1. That is one HUGE pizza box :) We often seek out sushi places too when travelling, looks like you found a great one.


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