Monday, 15 March 2010

Bairro Portuguese Festival / Goan Pork Curry

Since my funds are running painfully low, I couldn't really afford to try out a restaurant this weekend, and laziness stopped me from cooking at home (Is it bad that I never want to cook for just me alone?). I walked up to Petersham (a lot further than I thought!) to visit the Portuguese festival there.

The Festival was OK, lots of crowds, live music, capoeira demonstrations, and a good range of food stalls offering everything from Portuguese (obviously), to Brazilian and Goan, and even a few random stalls too - including Spanish Paella and Dutch Pancakes.

After buying a frankly rather average plastic cup full of Sangria ($5), I wandered over to the stall run by Viva Goa, a restaurant in Pyrmont, where I opted for a small serving of the Porco vin d'alho (Wine & Garlic Pork). It was delicious, maybe since I'd been craving an Indian curry, but nevertheless I did find it well seasoned and tasty and the pork was fairly tender too - I'm confident it'd be even better in the restaurant.

In all honesty I couldn't really identify much difference between Goan and other Indian curries, but I'm not exactly an expert - the "Indian" curries back home in England have little or no authenticity to them!


  1. those accordion were pretty fun! :-)

  2. You walked to Petersham? Now that's dedication. Viva Goa is a nice little restaurant, though I haven't been for ages. The curries are pretty much the same as many other Indian ones, though they seem to use more tomato based sauces. You need to get to Curry on King in Newtown, the food there is fantastic and cheap.

  3. @Simon; I liked the accordions too - they seemed really authentic.

    @John; Petersham is much further away than I thought, but at the same time I do enjoy exploring the city by foot - last weekend I walked to the Fish Market in Pyrmont!

  4. You walked to the fishmarkets? Wow, I didn't even do that when I lived in Rozelle! How did you carry your stuff home?

    Also - thanks, I just noticed the link to my blog on your site, although I have moved to

  5. I love festivals- they're so fun! Never heard of this one though......

    The curry looks delicious! I don't have much experience with curries either- I've onl ever had them at food courts...not sure if they're authentic or not =]

  6. Those dutch pancakes are everywhere - no complaints though! I'm glad the curry made up for the dodgy sangria!


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