Saturday, 1 May 2010

Oh Tequila, it makes me happy....

I apologise again for my lack of consistency in posting but work is ever busier (I'm doing almost 80 hours a week now, in 5 days) so I have little time to eat out and little energy to make anything blog-worthy! Last weekend however I blame my void of blog posts on my Mexican buddy, Jose Cuervo. 

I'll try and cook and/or eat something this weekend. In the meantime; tell me - what's your favourite tipple and why?

Mine is definitely not tequila - I'd probably opt for Kahlua and Vodka on ice. Technically a Black Russian, but if you ask for one in a bar they'll invariably top it up with Coke.


  1. this tequila surely can bring you high !! Cheers de pierre in Paris

  2. The joys of working in a commercial kitchen. I remember the days. I was at a party last Saturday and out came the tequila shots. This is one drink I just can't do. Instant heartburn and nausea. I much prefer vodka. On ice with a bit of lime. Or a dirty martini. Now we're talking. Cheers!

  3. Good to hear you're still alive dude! And what's wrong with tequila? Haha I've had it and don't mind it, don't even need the salt and lemon =D

  4. Oh boy, Jose is no longer a friend of mine, he has hurt me more than enough.

    I'm a vodka & raspberry girl.

  5. There are some weeks that just call for tequila. Margarita, shaken over ice, lots of salt for me please. But when the world is being a little kinder, a glass of Provencal rose works nicely....looking forward to seeing what you whip up this weekend

  6. My favourite is vodka lime or soda or Kahlua and milk depending how I feel on the day.

    However given the chance once the baby arrives I'll take any drink given to me!!!

    Tequila is the party starter drink that Mick and I used to have before we went out...a few shots and away we went to our venue! ha ha

    Hope to see more of your blogs and food photos when you slow down a bit after the Christmas break!


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