Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wagamama, Bridge St, CBD

I stopped into Wagamama last Sunday as I was feeling far too lazy to go far from Circular Quay. Back home, many of my (admittedly non-foodie) friends have raved about Wagamama for years, so I thought it was as good a place for lunch as any.

First impressions were about as I expected. The decor is fairly modern but it has a feeling of a fast-food chain - the tables and chairs are bolted to the floor and there are disposable placemats-cum-menus set out. There was little atmosphere although I was eating very late for lunch, or very early for dinner, so the restaurant was almost empty.

Asahi Black
After waiting a little too long for someone to notice me, I ordered an Asahi Black - never had it before and while it is a tasty beverage, I found it a little too heavy for the food.

My Entree was three Ebi Gyoza, described as deep-fried dumplings filled with finely chopped king prawns, water chestnut and spinach. served with a chilli, garlic and soy sauce. While I cannot deny that's what I received, it does sound much better in writing. The Dumpling itself was nice and crispy, but the filling was a bit of let-down; I think having the prawns less finely chopped would be much better, although it'd probably send the company's food costs up, which is probably what a chain of this size cares most about. Also, the soy sauce had been spilt onto the plate - not exactly a horrific mistake but presentaion should be important, even in a restaurant such as this.

Ebi Gyoza

Very soon after I'd finished, my Ginger Chicken Udon arrived - a steaming mound of teppan-fried udon noddles, chicken, snow peas, spanish onions, beansprouts, chilli, egg and spring onions. garnished with pickled ginger and fresh coriander. The flavour was pretty damn good, and the portion was (happily) larger than I expected, although I would have appreciated more chicken. I also think that having a more gingery flavour to it would be better, rather than simply scattering the pickled ginger on top. Not a bad dish though, but it's probably a fairly westernised meal, rather than a traditional Asian plate.

Ginger Chicken Udon

To conclude, I think that Wagamama is about what I expected. Decent, fast, Asian-style food for the masses. I won't be back - there are plenty of independent, cheaper and better Asian restaurants in Sydney that I have yet to visit. As a reader of this blog, I assume you're a foodie, and as such I'd recommend not going to Wagamama. As if you needed me to tell you that.

38 Bridge Street
Sydney 2000
+61 (0) 2 9252 8696


  1. this is as good as you can get at Wagamama i guess. Never trust a Asian restaurant where the menu asks u to choose Meat + Types of Noodle + Sauce = sacrilege!

  2. Hmm yes, Wagamama for me is a last resort and reminds me of working late in one of the nearby towers and having to order dinner in. Thankfully those days are over. If you're in the mood for a local feed a good choice near your restaurant is Masuya on O'Connell Street. Sit at the sushi bar and they'll prepare whatever you ask for!


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